10 Symptoms of Cancer Ignored by 90% of womens

2.Prolonged sore throat


The larynx can be very affected from the beginning of lung cancer, causing difficulty breathing and swallowing. This symptom can grow even more when accompanied by a neoplasm, capable of making it difficult for the person to speak clearly, to the point of losing their voice.
Bad breath

Although this symptom can mean many types of diseases, it is also part of the main signs of lung cancer. Basically, the person has a degree of internal decomposition in their lungs, which makes them have bad breath, constant and difficult to hide.
Shortness of Breath

Malignant cancer cells create tumors capable of blocking the main airways, accompanied by the accumulation of fluid in the lungs, lack of air can be a clear sign that something is not right, and that the person is likely to have cancer.
If you begin to experience tiredness and shortness of breath while doing a simple task, or doing things that recently did not require much effort, consult your doctor.

1.Hoarse voice

The growth of cancerous tumors can block air from coming out of the throat, causing the person to speak in a deeper voice and require more effort.