10 Things That Happen When Walking Every Day

We’ve heard it all before; walking is good for you. And it is. However, what few people know is just how many benefits there are to including a 30-minute walk into your daily routine. Good walking habits can have a profound effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. The human body is designed for walking. Unfortunately, most people do too little of it. The sedentary lifestyles we lead keep us sitting far too much and walking far too little. There’s no need to give up, though. Taking the time to walk for 30 minutes each day can reverse the adverse effects of spending too much time sitting.

The best part about walking as part of an exercise routine is that it’s free. You don’t need to join a fancy gym. Getting outdoors is one of the best parts of walking for exercise. Another great thing is that you can go walking with family, friends, or as part of a ‘club’ of walkers. There’s more time to talk and catch up with people which is something we do too little of these days. If you think walking is a waste of time, think again. Here are 10 benefits walking has for your body.

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